Idaho Power Company Bathymetric Surface Differencing Images

Welcome to the Guidelines for Bathymetric Surface Differencing with Multi-Beam SONAR website. This site is the home of the MBES Toolkit and  hub of information for those interested in doing Geomorphic Change Detection of bathymetric surfaces derived from multi-beam SONAR data.

This site grew out of a Masters Thesis and project led by James Hensleigh of ET-AL for the Idaho Power Company River Engineering Group on the Hell's Canyon Bathymetric Surface Differencing Project.


Funding for this project and the MBES toolkit was generously provided by Idaho Power Company.

Current funding for the Geomorphic Change Detection Software development (GCD 5) is being provided by the National Science Foundation, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and Idaho Power Company. Previous funding for GCD Software Development was provided and the USGS's Grand Canyon Monitoring & Research Center and by the Utah State University ICRRR (Intermountain Center for River Rehabilitation and Restoration).

Software Development

The current MBES Toolkit development team consists of  James Hensleigh (USU) and Joe Wheaton, with support from, Philip Bailey (North Arrow Research).

ToPCAT was originally developed as PCTools by James Brasington (QML) and Mike Bithell (University of Cambridge), and was later expanded by James Brasington, Igor Ryckov and Damià Vericat.

GCD Software was originally developed by Joe Wheaton (Utah State University Department of Watershed Sciences), Chris Garrard (Utah State University RSGIS Lab), and James Brasington (QML). The newest version of the GCD is currently under development by ET-ALNorth Arrow Research.

The current GCD development team consists of Philip Bailey (North Arrow Research), James Hensleigh (USU), Nick Ochoski (ESSA), Frank Poulsen (ESSA), and Joe Wheaton (USU).