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3. Derive Associated Surfaces

ET-AL Recommendation to IPC

Once you've uploaded your DEM to the GCD survey library for your project, you need to derive and load associated surfaces to the survey library on the associated surfaces tab. For the recommended FIS, you need both a slope input (degrees) and a roughness input

The GCD can derive a slope raster for you from your DEM within the associates surfaces tab of the survey library or through the GCD project explorer. The roughness surface will need to be derived from the raw point cloud file produced from a survey through using the project explorer (detailed below) or through the Roughness Analysis Submenu.

Adding Associated Surfaces Through the GCD Project Explorer

This video shows you how to use the project explorer dockable window to calculate a slope raster from a DEM already loaded to a GCD project.

GCD 6 - Creating and Loading a Slope Raster

This video shows how to create a surface roughness raster from a raw point cloud and load it to a GCD project:

GCD 6 - Create and Load Surface Roughness Raster