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MBES GCD Project Overview

IdahoPower Company (IPC) maintains an active monitoring campaign of the Snake River in Hell's Canyon, which relies heavilly on repeat multi-beam echo-sounding (MBES) surveys.

The primary purpose of this project is to recommend peer reviewed and scientifically defensible methods that facilitate accurate geomorphic change detection of MBES data by adhering to best practices in the fields of topographic surveying and analysis. The recommended methods address field data acquisitiondata post processing, and change detection using post processed data.

Essential to the main purpose of this project is to provide specific recommendations for the entire MBES GCD workflow in a format that can easily be understood by IPC operators and other interested practitioners. Much of the recommended workflow utilizes industry standard GIS software, ESRI’s ArcGIS and GCD. The goal of this website is to act as a medium to communicate ET-AL's workflow recommendations and the specific details contained within each step. Each step has literature and other resources associated to provide scientific support of the chosen methods.

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